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    Calas is het merkonafhankelijke integratieplatform van Foston Europe. Systeem integratie – het samenbrengen van losstaande hardware systemen in één platform - met als hoofddoel het optimaliseren van zorg.
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    Col-Care (Po-stoel) 2018

    Wat is de Col-Care?

    De Col-Care is een vernieuwde po-stoel. De huidige po-stoelen voldoen vanuit praktijkervaringen niet geheel aan de wensen van zowel de zorgverlener als de zorgvrager. De Col-Care heeft meerdere aanpassingen toegepast zoals ander: onderstel, wielen, remmen, po-opvangbak, zitting, en nog vele andere.
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    Braintracer, MoodTune

    MoodTune is the first mobile platform for patient self-management and treatment optimization for people suffering from clinical depression. We use the latest neuroscience and mobile technology to improve outcomes for patients and providers reducing costs and length of treatment, while provide powerful data analytics for better results.
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    VSee, OneClick Waiting Room

    OneClick Waiting Room is a video conference solution that allows healthcare providers to communicate privately and share documents with patients over the internet. Patient data is 100% secure and never stored on VSee servers. With VSee, the sick and elderly can consult a health expert without having to leave home.
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    We developed a glove to trace and control hand movements. Connected with a VR-Headset, you rehabilitate hand injuries by playing motivating games in the virtual world.