Children with Sever Special Needs

Geplaatst door Sara Benjamin
Geplaatst op 20 maart 2019 om 14:58

Looking for innovations in the field of special needs, wether trainings for soft skills or technologies to be offered in the Middle East. Any ideas?

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Michael Schuijff
25 mrt 2019

It might just be a minor innovation, but we're currently translating all our pictograms in English, Arabic and Turkish, and eventually French as well. I could very well imagine that having simple and understandible pictograms in their own language might make a big difference.

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Sara Benjamin
25 mrt 2019

Thank you Michael for your response and this innovation can indeed have a big impact. Can we may be be in contact directly to see how we can take it from there?

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Michael Schuijff
25 mrt 2019


There is a contact email address on the website I mentioned earlier. Send me a message through there and I'll get in touch and let's see if we can join forces.

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