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    Digital Mental Health Services

    At SoundMindz™, we are singularly focused on providing the latest in mental health digital tools and therapies-- on-demand, from any device or location and at the convenience of our users. SoundMindz is laser focused on eliminating 2 main problems in the system, Access and Patient Engagement."
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    MIRA rehab

    MIRA is a software platform designed to make physiotherapy fun and convenient for patients recovering from surgery or injury. The system transforms existing physical therapy exercises into video-games, and uses an external sensor, such as Microsoft Kinect, to track and assess patient compliance.
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    Breath In Balanz

    9 op 10 mensen hebben een onjuiste ademhaling. Wij hebben een unieke 'breathing-belt met sensor, die meet hoe je ademhaalt, waar en de intensiteit in combinatie met een beproefde ademtherapie en indien nodig je te helpen je natuurlijke ademhaling te herstellen.
    Better breathing is better living.